Monthly Archives: December 2012

Net_DNS2 v1.2.5 – DANE TLSA Support

I’ve released version 1.2.5 of the PEAR Net_DNS2 library- you can install it now through the command line PEAR installer:

pear install Net_DNS2

This release includes some important fixes to the way I was calculating the offset values when building the DNS packets. Here is the full list of changes for this release:

  • changed the socket_connect() code to start off non-blocking, and call select() after connect() so a timeout on a invalid server works properly
  • added the new TLSA RR – RFC 6698
  • fixed the socket defines again; apparently the values of the SOCK are different under solaris
  • changed the Net_DNS2_Updater::update() so you can pass a reference to a variable that will be populated with the response object
  • moved the lines that add the response server/type to after the is_null() check- it should have been there to begin with.
  • fixed a whole bunch of cases where I wasn’t incrementing the offset values properly
  • added support to set the RD (recursion desired) bit when making a request