Net_DNS2 v1.4.0 – OPENPGPKEY and CDNSKEY Support, and More

I’ve released version 1.4.0 of the PEAR Net_DNS2 library- you can install it now through the command line PEAR installer:

pear install Net_DNS2

Or, you can also add it to your project using composer.

Version 1.4.0

  • added request signing support using RSA 256 and 512 (requires PHP 5.4.8 or up)
  • changed the Net_DNS2::nameservers value (the list of name server) to public so they can be accessed directly if needed.
  • added support for the CDNSKEY and OPENPGPKEY RR types
  • completely re-wrote the sendPacket() function; the old process would throw an exception when the first error was encountered, which meant it never checked the next DNS server. The new code will cycle to the next name server if the request fails, and at the same time keep track of the exception generated by each name server separately.
  • added a new E_NS_SOCKET_FAILED error code.
  • fixed a bug in the Net_DNS2_Exception class; the ‘previous’ argument was only added in PHP 5.3.0
  • fixed Net_DNS2_Packet_Request::set so we can pass ‘.’ in as name value for querying the root name severs
  • fixed Net_DNS2::setServers() so it overrides any existing values, rather than just adding to them. Also made it remove any duplicate name server entries.
  • added the query response_time to the Net_DNS2_Packet_Response object.